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Burning bush moments

Years ago, my dear friend and mentor, John McClusky, taught me to recognize what he called “burning bush moments”.  
These are moments when you become aware of the presence of God and, like Moses, realize that you are standing on holy ground.  Brother Lawrence wrote that we should “practice the presence of God”.  These two phrases provide the motivation for my life and my art.
How does one attempt to paint the presence of God?  It’s easier once you learn to see God in everything!  
For me, the presence of God is most evident in people.  After all, we were created in the image of God and He cherishes us with an amazing love beyond our ability to comprehend.  
Time and time again, I am overwhelmed with these sudden unexpected burning bush moments… and I “take my sandals off” in awe and wonder.  
Often it is the tiny “insignificant” miracles in daily life that speak to me most powerfully of God’s incredible presence.  

Painting Parables Book

Painting Parables, is a collection of 29 paintings paired with poetic prose. Each gorgeous page tells a story designed to give a glimpse into the heart of God. 

This one of a kind coffee table book makes a unique devotional or casual reading book, for yourself or as a beautiful gift for those who want to see God in a new way.

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.
— James 4:8
Painting Parables Gift Book
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