Shoe Tying

Shoe Tying

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Such a small unimportant thing… tying shoelaces.

But is it really?

Perhaps we forget to look deeper at moments we take for granted...

and we miss the little diamonds of love God places in our lives.

This little brownie scout is about to attend an awards ceremony.

Surely she is old enough to tie her own shoes!

However, if her shoelace comes untied, as it invariably does,

she might stumble while accepting her award and be painfully embarrassed.

Her daddy knows this; that is why he is carefully tying and double-knotting her shoelaces.

Is she aware that he is telling her without words that he loves and cares for her?

Words of love are beautiful and important, but it is the small daily actions of love that prove the words.

Let us not love with words and talk, but with actions and in reality. 1 John 3:18 CJB

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