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Family reunions in the summertime! Music under the trees, breezes blowing and the warm sun tickling the backs of everyone’s necks.

A father teaches his little girl to dance. She watches every move, carefully placing each foot next to his. One day she will be more confident and will be able to swirl through the dance steps with her eyes closed.

So, too, are we with our Father. It’s hard to follow Him at first. We are so unsure of His lead and don’t quite follow the beat of the music He creates in our lives. But if we will just earnestly persevere… ah, then we shall dance, indeed!

“Most of all… learning to dance with God is learning to let go.” - Max Lucado

36x24 | Oil on Canvas

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All originals are oil paint on canvas unless otherwise stated. They can come with a frame or without- please inquire about the additional cost and a photo of the frame will be sent to you.

A giclee is a superior quality limited edition print stretched on canvas. A giclee that is hand-embellished means the artist has hand painted on top of the giclee print, giving it texture, additional quality and value. Giclees are sent pre-stretched and ready for framing. Please allow 4-8 weeks shipping as each product is personally handled, especially if it is a hand-embellished giclee.